Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club

A Photographic Society of America Club since 1982

Member Profile by Meline Pickus

January 2008:
Lillian Roberts
Joined October 20, 2000

Tribute to Lillian Roberts

You all know Lillian---but do you really?  Did you know that Lillian has recently embarked on a new photographic journey that she considers to be her biggest challenge yet?  The adventure of underwater photography is what now absorbs her facile mind.  “It is the most challenging thing I have ever done,” she says.  Why?---“because everything is moving- the water, the fish, yourself.”  Nevertheless, as those of you who attended the recent January meeting can testify, she is definitely succeeding.  But that is just the latest hurdle she has overcome.  Lillian ventured into photography a mere eight years ago but she has progressed rapidly to one of our star photographers.  Prior to that she was a novelist and mystery book writer with four published volumes to her credit.  And of course in the real world Lillian is a practicing veterinarian.  Her practice is now limited to small animals but she has worked in zoos, on horses, reptiles and birds.

Lillian has been a camera club member since 2000.  She started as editor of our newsletter  which was acclaimed by PSA as one of the best.  From there she progressed to program chairman, vice president, and president.  We have been the fortunate recipients of all her talent.

Thank you, Lillian!

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