Here Comes 'Da Judge!

Ken Cordas

Ken Cordas, FS4C, came into existence on a cold and windy October day in Detroit, MI. In 1949, at ten years of age, Ken, his brother, sister, and parents moved to Southern California. Learning the machinist trade at a technical high school in the San Gabriel valley he became a tool and die maker with Autonetics, a division of North American Aviation (now Boeing).

During his employment with Autonetics, he was drafted and served a two year hitch in the Army as a Military Policeman. It is during his tour of duty in Germany that he became interested in photography, and bought his first camera, a VoigtLander. The base had a dark room, and he learned black and white print photography. After being laid off from Autonetics, Ken learned the process of building printed wire boards, and he became a process engineer with Dynachem, a leading supplier to the printed wire board fabricators. He is now retired.

Ken joined Anaheim Camera Enthusiasts (ACES) in 1988, and has served as the club’s Vice President and President. In 1994 he became Editor of “Focal Point,” the ACES newsletter. In 2000 he joined Pomona Valley Camera Club.

In August 1996, Ken was elected to the S4C Board and became the Editor of the S4C newsletter. In August 2001, the S4C newsletter won the Second Place Award, Council Division in the 2001 PSA Camera Club International Bulletin Contest. He became the S4C Webmaster in 1999, and has added the winning photographs of the S4C Salon and two other salons held by member clubs. All are invited to visit the S4C website.

An accomplished photographer, Ken received the S4C AA Interclub Color, Gold Medal at the 2002 S4C Banquet. The June 2002 issue of the PSA Journal published an article by Ken: “Making Title Slides With Your Computer.” In 1992 Ken joined PSA. He has attended five PSA Conferences. Ken is the Compiler for the PSA Salon, Stereo Division. He lists all Stereo Division accepted titles, by maker, to assure that these titles are not accepted in future PSA Salon, Stereo Division competitions.

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