Here Comes 'Da Judge!

Joanne Stolte

Since 1998, Joanne has been deeply involved in regional photo clubs, currently serving as president of S4C, the coalition of southern California camera clubs. She lives in Glendora, where she formerly served as Vice President of the Glendora Color Slide Group; and is a member of the Pomona Valley Camera Club. She is General Chair of the S4C International Exhibition.

Joanne is very active in the Photographic Society of America (PSA). She earned her PPSA* in October 2002, and received the PSA Early Achievement Award in 2003 and the Joseph P. Fallon, Jr. Memorial Award in 2004. She has four stars in Color, five stars in Nature, three stars in Photo Travel and three stars in Photojournalism. Joanne is Chair of the PSA Photojournalism Division, the PJD representative on the PSA Uniform Practices Committee, Chair of the PSA Membership Retention Committee, Director of the Introductory Color Slide Competition for Individuals, and PSA Journal News Editor for the Color Slide Division.

Born and raised in Springfield, MA, Joanne Stolte worked in marketing for several corporations that manufacture medical devices and equipment.  In 1983 she moved to California, and in 1987 she started her own ophthalmic consultation business, Practice Development Resources.

When Joanne was in elementary school, her father gave her a box camera and by Junior High she was using a bellows camera.  She cannot remember a time when she did not take photos and she has always listed photography as her first interest on her resume.

*Awarded by the Photographic Society of America for Proficiency in Photography

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