Here Comes 'Da Judge!

Frank Goroszko

I began pursuing photography seriously in the early 1980s. I took several adult education classes in order to learn basic photographic skills. I joined a camera club and began to enter slide contests. At first I favored action and sports photography. My interest in beach volleyball led me to begin to photograph the professional beach volleyball tours. After several years my photographs were being published in Pro Beach magazine, Volleyball Monthly, and Volleyball Magazine. Next I decided to broaden my photographic perspective by taking several courses in black & white darkroom work. Almost from the beginning of my entry into the black & white world I had a strong interest in applying color to black & white prints. I took another class in order to learn about hand coloring. In early 1999 I entered the world of digital photography by purchasing a scanner in order to scan film and prints. In 2003 I purchased my first digital camera and now I shoot with both film and digital SLRs.. . I have had print exhibitions in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Long Beach and the South Bay. I occasionally print black and white in my own darkroom but I do most of my printing digitally now. Currently I am the Photo Travel Competition chairman for S4C and I was awarded an AS4C honor in June 2007.

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