Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club
Division Definitions

Division: Monochrome
Subject: Any within definition of Monochrome
Definition Monochrome images are judged both for their technical and pictorial merit. The image must be properly exposed, be in focus, and have appropriate depth of field. A Monochrome image should have strong composition; pleasing quality; and texture, pattern, and/or tone impact. The content is unrestricted.

Monochrome images must be black and white, or black and white plus one fully-toned color. Fully-toned means that a single tint is applied across the entire image such as sepia or cyan (or any single color).
Manipulation Manipulation allowed.
Mounting/Image Size Standard Digital
Format(s) Digitall
No. of Images 2 subject to overall competition limitation)
Age No time limit.
Image may have been taken at any time.
General Click here for General requirements,
Notes: Images will be judged for their monochrome pictorial value. Great nature, travel, or photojournalism images, for example, may or may not do well in this category depending on their pictorial merit. Good monochrome images generally incorporate a strong range of values from the darkest to the almost white.