Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club
Competition Guidelines

Last Updated: September 1, 2011
Section: 3.2
Section Title: General Requirements
The following general requirements – conditions of entry – apply to all images entered into Club competitions regardless of which Format is involved:
  • All images submitted into competition must be made from negatives, transparencies, or digital images (either by means of a digital camera or a scanned image). All changes to the raw image - including printing, print enhancing, and print retouching - must be the work of the maker or, if done by an outside lab - under the instruction of the maker. Digital prints must have been processed and printed either by means of a personal printer whether controlled by a computer or directly attached to the digital capture device. or sent to an outside lab for digital printing purposes only.

  • Entries must conform to the specifications of the Division in which they are entered, including specifications for whether or not they can be manipulated (according to the Club definition), the number of entries allowed etc.

  • With the exception noted in the next paragraph, once it has been entered into club competition, an image - or any derivative of that image - cannot be reentered into any future club competitions in any Division or in another Format. For these purposes, 'in camera dups' - that is, two images taken by the same maker so close together of the same subject as to be virtually indistinguishable - are considered to be the same image.

  • The previous paragraph notwithstanding, an image that has been entered into any Division and that did not receive an Award or an HM may be re-entered once into the same Division in the same Competition Year.

  • If an image is disqualified ("DQed") for reasons of not conforming to the definition of any particular Division, the maker may make-up this DQ by entering another image in the same Division in addition to their regular allotment of images in a subsequent competition in the same Competition Year. This does not apply to any images DQed in the last month of the Competition Year (Note: not implemented at this time).

  • Any club member may submit two images in each available Division. However, in total at most eight (8) images may be entered across all Divisions. However, not all images entered may be judged at the Club Meeting depending on overall limits for the total number of images entered into the competition. The remaining images are judged online within the next few days.

  • Except for the Pictorial and Monochrome Divisions, all images must have been taken during the eighteen (18) months prior to the competition. There is no age limit on images for entries into the Pictorial or Monochrome Divisions.

  • During a given competition year, a member may enter into at most two (2) competitions (that is, into one or more of the Divisions used in the particular competition evening) without attending the meeting. After that, the member will not be eligible to compete if they are not in attendance for the competition.

  • Entries into competitions are made by logging on to the member's home page using the member's Membership Number and Password. Logon access is via the For Members Only button on the club Home Page.

Click here for additional requirements specific to each Format.