Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club
Competition Guidelines

Last Updated: September 1, 2011
Section: 2.1
Section Title: Divisions

The CVDCC is a member club of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), and normally utilizes similar Division definitions that PSA publishes on occasion in the PSA Journal and elsewhere, as to what can and what will not be allowed into competition as far as content is concerned.  As these rules for PSA evolve, the CVDCC Board OF Directors will discuss and decide how these changes may apply to the CVDCC.  The Board will institute changes to the rules as they see fit after a proper vote on any changes.

Division Definitions will be rigorously followed by competition judges. Please also see the definition of Manipulation as used in these Division Definitions. Even where Manipulation is prohibited, the use of cropping, color correction, and brightness/contrast adjustments is permitted provided this does not result in an image that looks "unnatural"

A total of 8 images may be entered into a single competition, but not more than 2 in any single Division. However, not all images entered may be judged since an overall limit is imposed on the total number of images to be judged for the evening. Thus the more entrants and the more images entered the less likely that all entered images will be judged.

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